Updates from UploadTo

Find out the latest updates on the platform as well as a list of new features to come. If you have an amazing idea that you think will add value for you and the platform or if you simply would like to have some of the features before others please write us!


These are the changes that happened in the UploadTo platform so far. Each time a new release succeeds this list will be updated with a brief description of what changes were added, enhanced or fixed.

First release of UploadTo. The main features are summarized in the following list:

- Register account
- Password recovery
- Connection management
- Dropbox integration
- Google Drive integration
- Inbox management
- Dashboard insights
- Account management
- File upload page

- Add embed section to inbox management
- Fix link issue on confirmation email
- Bug fix on drive upload


Check below some of the things that will be available soon. If you have an idea for an additional feature please let us know!