UploadTo makes easy for you to receive files, documents, photos right into your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts without asking people to login

Connect your account, share or embed the inbox page and get files and metrics instantly. That's it!

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Receive large files into your Google Drive and Dropbox account. Connect one or many cloud storage accounts and create an inbox page chosing where your files should go. You can share an upload page or embed a file uploader in your existing website. We provide a forever free plan and you only pay for additional resources. No credit card is required while using the free plan.

Google Drive Uploader+Dropbox Uploader

Receive files in Google Drive and Dropbox

Connect multiple Google Drive and Dropbox accounts and receive large files. Users can upload any type of file without login instantly.


Embed an upload form

Place the upload form in a Wordpress, Joomla, Blog or any kind of website. Users can upload content without leaving your site and you will receive your files in your Google Drive and Dropbox account.


Use your own brand

You can choose your own logo and background for the upload page so your audience can easily identify your brand


Customize your settings

Set a custom url, add a password or a max size allowed for uploaders to get the best results when colleting data.


Receive files securely

All documents are communicated through https ensuring your data gets safe and unmodified to its destiny



Get instant metrics about your received files to have control of your audience and the storage usage


Easy for uploaders

Uploaders don't need to register nor login, they can share files from their computer instantly.


Free plan

The free plan comes with 1 connection and 1 inbox that you can use as you please. You only pay for additional features and extended limits.


Beyond the limits

If you are planning to receive large quantities of files and use multiple storage accounts we got your back. We offer subscriptions to professional plans that will help you move unlimited files


UploadTo offers a forever-free plan so you can try the product as much as you want. You only pay for the upgrades to get additional resources and features


$ 0

Per month

  • 1 connection

  • 2 inboxes

  • 300 MB per file

  • 5 GB per month


$ 9.99

Per month

  • 5 connections

  • 10 inboxes

  • 5 GB per file

  • 50 GB per month


$ 29.99

Per month

  • Unlimited connections

  • Unlimited inboxes

  • 10 GB per file

  • 1000 GB Per month


UploadTo is just starting and it has a lot of features to be added in the nearly future. Check below some of the things that will be available soon. If you have an idea for an additional feature please let us know and you'll be heard


In case of any question you might have don't hesitate to write us. Either for help, donations or even to say hello. We'll try to get back as soon as we can!