Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

What's a "connection"?

A connection is the representation in UploadTo of the configured storage accounts. You can have one or more connections associated with Google Drive and / or Dropbox. These connections are then used through the inboxes to save the received files

What's an "inbox"?

An inbox is the page where you will receive the files uploaded by your users. It is associated with a connection and has a unique configuration of options such as a URL, title, description, access code, among others.

Is there a free plan?

We offer a plan that is free forever and it includes the use of 1 connection, and 1 inbox. You only pay if you decide to use more connections or inboxes and the additional functionalities. For this you only have to upgrade your plan

I store my files in a different site. How can I use UploadTo to save files there?

At this time we only support Google Drive and Dropbox as storage networks. Soon Amazon s3 is going to be included in the list. If you use a different storage site write us and we will try to include it in a future release.

Can I limit the file size for uploaders?

Yes. Each inbox can be configured to limit the maximum acceptable file size for your uploaders and thus be able to control your quota in Google Drive and Dropbox. UploadTo will soon provide the ability to search for files within this website.

How can I find my files into Drive and or Dropbox?

You can find your files received in Google Drive or Dropbox inside the folder configured for the inbox

What happens if I change the inbox url?

If you make that change after sharing the old url, be sure to inform your uploaders of the change since only the new one will be available.

Can I customize the shared page?

Yes. You can choose for each inbox a url, a title and a description and even your own logo and background image. Soon you'll able to add custom form fields to gather information from your users.